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     Through the course of time the creativity and the art of hair and makeup have evolved, becoming one of the largest industries around. Stylists and Artists of the past have paved the way for the birthing of today’s Stylists’ and today’s Artists’.

    When it comes to beautiful hair and flawless makeup there is one guy who has a way with it all. With just over 10 years in the industry Warren B. has a traditional yet modern approach to beauty. From childhood Warren’s passion for beauty has been undeniable. Upon completion of high school Warren entered Florida A&M University with cosmetology license in hand. Later He trained at Vidal Sassoon Academy at South Miami Beach where he began to develop a more mature approach to haircutting. Today the Tampa native’s dedication to excellence makes him a rising star on the east coast and beyond. A commitment to hard work, daily training, and prayer keeps him grounded and focused on this journey.

    ”Do all you can to be Beautiful without ever compromising the integrity of the art” – Warren B. A commitment to healthy hair and higher learning has been his guide from the beginning. Precision hair cutting and creating soft and beautiful tresses is part of his formula of success. He is confident and proficient in all areas of hair styling while focusing on superb customer service. “I believe that it’s all about how you treat people. Touching as many lives as you can each day.”- Warren B.

    Genuine concern for you and all of your beauty needs is what makes this guy special. Warren B. has served at every capacity in hairstyling from assistant to salon owner. Despite his professional training he remains humble and is always looking for ways increase his knowledge. His experience has afforded him the privilege to work alongside many of the industries top styling professionals increasing his understanding of the business. A detailed work ethic has also granted access to some of the most amazing experiences from White House Galas to Runway shows. Bolden has done countless weddings, photo shoots, competitions and facilitated numerous trainings. Tampa Bay News 9 as well as the Tampa Tribune Newspaper both have covered Warren’s work. With clients ranging from Washington Redskins cheerleaders to the winner of America’s Next Top Model his work is yet to be completed. Warren has trained with some of the most influential artist in the makeup artistry.

    Warren, a former manager for MAC Cosmetics, happens to be one of the most intense creative artists around today. In life, his learning experiences and his appreciation for the industry has allowed many doors to be opened for him. Inspired by each client to provide the highest quality makeup and hair experience every time, Warren believes “Perfection is the idea… But if you cant be perfect at least attempt to come close.”

    Though the course of time has provided us more creative and innovative ways to style and care for hair, and has shown more flawless ways to beautify all cultures of life, the industry wouldn’t be as large as it is without those that have paid their dues. Stylists and Artists, such as Warren B., continue to open doors and pave ways for others to follow. Exceeding beyond the realm of average styling, Warren B. is truly one Stylist and Artist that knows how to work his work, through the stroke of his comb and flick of his wrist. “Beauty is more than a lifestyle, it’s a way to live” -
    Warren B. - Universal Hair & Makeup Artist

    Industry Leaders Warren B. has worked with: 
    Kathy Aragon
    Luis Aragon
    AJ Crimson
    Johnny Lavoy
    Derrick Rutledge

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